Extracurricular Activities

Beth Israel Preschool also works in conjunction with several amazing programs to offer your child the best opportunities to try new activities, learn new skills and have fun!

SkyHawk Sports

Skyhawks Sports Tiny Hawk football is a development program for kids ages 3 through 5 years old that uses a variety of fun games to engage kids while teaching the sport of football and developing fundamental skills. Our football games and activities are designed to allow kids to explore balance, movement, hand/eye coordination, and skill development at their own pace. Skyhawks staff are trained to handle the specific needs of young athletes.  There is no blocking or tackling in this program.  For more information call Coach Van at 601-790-0868 or go to www.skyhawks.com.

Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots is a nationally recognized program that offers a high energy, fun and age-appropriate introduction to the wonderful game of soccer. In addition to soccer, we work on improving children’s gross motor skills and teaching children important concepts such as teamwork, sharing and respect. Soccer Shots instructors are enthusiastic and passionate about working with kids.

Wednesdays – 

We offer weekly computer classes for small groups of 3-4 children, work collaboratively in a nearly tutorial environment. Our curriculum reinforces reading, math, science, health, arts, and many foreign languages. We also bring in extra learning devices such as iPads, other smart devices, digital microscopes, cameras, and programmable robots. Each month you will receive a password for FREE 24/7 online learning (eStars). New curriculum and software activities make every lesson unique…every month!!! For more information contact:
TechStars by Computer Explorers
P.O. Box 2262 Madison, MS 39130
Ph. 601-853-0607 Fax: 601-856-4245
Email: ctots@comcast.net

The ballet and tap class gives students age and level appropriate dance training in the disciplines of classical ballet and tap. The class meets once a week, each week, for 45 minutes. The class is held at Beth Israel Preschool. All students are invited to perform in the spring dance recital held at Belhaven Center for the arts. Class materials include white tap shoes and pink ballet slippers for girls. Boys may wear either black or white ballet and tap shoes.

Registration can be done by contacting Steps the Studio

Email: stepsthestudio@yahoo.com

Phone: 601.818.2038

Facebook: www.facebook.com/stepsthestudio