Our Approach

Over the course of our forty year history, Beth Israel Early Learning Center has come to be known as one of the leading pre-academic institutions in the greater Jackson Metro area. At Beth Israel Early Learning Center, we know that the child’s first five years are when they learn and process more than any other period of development. The right learning environment is critical to support the development of positive feelings toward education. What and how they learn during these crucial years has great influence on how they perform later in their scholastic career.

Our approach is simple and effective: combine academic learning, the arts, and play with lots of personal attention. This combination has proven itself over time to create an environment which allows children to be engaged and makes learning fun. When learning is fun, the child succeeds!

Beth Israel Preschool’s Four Pillars of Learning:


This may be the area for which we are best known. We create a word rich learning experience for our students. Our goal is to have your child equipped with basic reading and math skills prior to their entrance to first grade. Every day, a set portion of class time is devoted to working with age-appropriate academic study. For the youngest students, this includes letter, shape and color recognition, while the older children utilize more age appropriate activities. Reading is a fundamental part of every student’s day, either being read to or working on their own skills.


Recent studies have shown that exposure to the arts (art, music, dance, drama) has a positive influence on a child’s learning. We at Beth Israel Early Learning Center have known this for some time from our  years of experience. Every day the children are exposed to the arts: drawing, music, dance, drama, or field trips for appreciation of the fine arts.


We believe in the developmental learning theory that play promotes a crucial role in a child’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical and creative development. Children need to play! The children have many opportunities to play with a wide variety of toys and materials. By making the overall learning experience fun, children look forward to their time at school, further reinforcing their appetite for scholastics.


Beth Israel Early Learning Center maintains low student to teacher ratios. Our teachers are caring, nurturing individuals who understand that each student needs to feel special. A large part of the learning process is the one-on-one relationship of student and teacher. We strive to assure that each child receives this needed personal attention.